Marjorie Pike


Full Name
Marjorie Pike

Position Title at SSUMC

What is your favorite scripture verse?
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16
(I am a Whosoever)

What keeps you working and worshiping at St. Stephen UMC?
SSUMC is my family.

One thing you like most about St. Stephen UMC.
Friendly and caring. The choir and the Pastor.

What exactly do you do at St. Stephen UMC?
I play the organ for morning worship. I sing with the children in Sunday School and I work with the Little Youth.

What is your favorite aspect of ministry?
Children and Music

When did you know you wanted to serve God by going into ministry?
Years ago as a teenager.

Tell us a little about your family.
Raised in a Christian home. I spent all of my school years in Grand Prairie. I got married in 1958 and have four precious children as well as 8 delightful grandchildren and 5 adorable great grandchildren. Sad to say that I’m a widow. I worked in Special Ed for AISD for over 30 years.

Who are some of your heroes?
Charles Cox
Clifton Howard
My Husband

Any spiritual gifts we should know about?

What was your nickname growing up?
Marj or Margie

How did you and your spouse meet?
We met in church! In the College and Career Sunday School Class.

Tell us about your children and grandchildren.
Denise is my first born. She plans to relocate to California soon. She gave me two grandchildren, Michael and Nikki. Larry (J.L.) who lives in Saginaw has two children by his first wife, , Christina and Jimmy Pike who are 1/2 Japanese. He then married Jamie who had a daughter Kailey Adams and then they gave me my sweet Chelsea. (He works for American Airlines). My 3rd child, Ronny, lives in Houston and he gave me Brendan and Danielle. (He works for United). Brad is my youngest. He and his wife have two dogs and two cats. They live in S. Arlington. Brad works for the government. I also have 5 great-grandchildren: Laila and Mila live in California and Dakota (7), Avery (2 1/2), and Addalynn (10 1/2 mos.) live with me at the moment.

What’s your quirkiest characteristic?
I may be obsessive about the color purple.- Some have called me ‘psychotic’

Any favorite movies or books?
A Man Called Peter
Terms of Endearment

Are there any pets in your household?
I have the cutest little dog. She is a ʺChorkieʺ and her name is Kiki. She’s 4 1/2 years old and jealous of the baby!

What is your favorite TV show as a child?
I liked a variety of shows. I was 14 before we got a tv. I enjoyed Liberace

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment? Please share!
I can’t share this one…

What’s your favorite toy? Why?
As a child- my baby dolls.
As a teenager- my baby brother.
As an ‘old(er)’ woman- my cell phone.

So, what gets on your nerves?
People who brag. High pitched squealing of children.

You have a unique hobby. What is it?
I collect owls (not live ones).

One thing I’m not sure that I want anyone to know is…
I owned a ’79 TransAm Firebird. It was red and I raced it as a teenager. It was in the early 80’s. I won!

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